Executive Overview:
TV Network Summary & Revenue Projections

A profitable television network channel via taking advantage of global market conditions:

  • The new paradigm of broadcast/telecommunications deregulation & evolution
  • Global cultural acceptance of fusing television entertainment & consumerism

Bikini TV Channel / Internet pilot proposal: Bikini TV © 1995.


Who:Beautiful People

What:Sponsors promoting their products via originally produced "bikini-rich" spots. Models will display their physical attributes wearing various swimwear while promoting sponsors' products.

*Goodwill Purpose/ Public Relations: Help fund education scholarships, grants, programs.

When:24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year

Where:Various locations & backdrops

Why Bikini TV?

The Need:Advertisers need a vehicle to capture the attention of the ever-growing number of TV "channel surfers."
The Solution:Bikini TV is designed to build community and hold attention because viewers will come back again and again. The format objective is to link the advertiser directly with the market by creating a perpetual outlet. Merge programming with the commercial - the ultimate in product placement.

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Suppliers of Broadcast Content

Sponsors will be responsible for producing original 30 second bikini-rich spots. The industry custom that currently exists with sponsors controlling production value.

Broadcast Format

Constant change, variety, and movement for optimizing market share capture & retention.

Bikini-rich spots produced in myriad genres utilizing artistic video, dynamic graphics & audio expression:

  • Glamour
  • Sports
  • Dance

  • Music Video
  • Infomercial
  • Educational

  • Documentary
  • Comedy
  • Direct response

Rotating Genres:

No more than 3 of the same type of genre broadcast back-to-back.

Global Focus & Undertone:

The geographical locations of sponsors or 30 second bikini-rich spots may be broadcast back-to-back for a location theme, roving internationally.

Bikini TV Hosts:

Voice-over only, like FM radio- Six bikini jockeys (BJs), 4 hour shifts


Assume PEPSI-COLA is the sponsor:

Exotic swimming pool with waterfall in back of a mansion. Beautiful blonde, tan and oiled, in a blue and white bikini. She is drinking a PEPSI-COLA® while floating on a PEPSI-COLA inflatable raft. The camera follows her attributes while she soaks the sun's energy and the PEPSI-COLA thirst quenching properties. Next, she is joined by two other bikini models (Hispanic, Black, Asian, Indian, etc.) garnering a PEPSI-COLA cooler, smiles, and their physical radiance. They begin to splash and have fun. -30-

Generation-X style: Use same Bikini TV spot, delete PEPSI-COLA product placement and substitute PEPSI-COLA credits at open & close of each bikini-rich spot.

Annual Projection Scenario TV Network
Total Gross Revenue$104,156,400
Spot Revenue
Seconds per Spot30
Gross Spots per Hour120
Reserved Spots per Hour10
Net Spots Per Hour110
Net Daily Spots2,640
Net Annual Spots963,600
Average Spot Price$99.00
Month Spot Revenue$7,949,700
Total Spot Revenue$95,396,400
Subscription Revenue
Monthly Subscription Fee$.069
Monthly Subscriptions1,000,000
Monthly Subscription Revenue690,000
Total Subscription Revenue$8,280,000
Merchandising Revenue
Monthly Sales per Subscription$0.040
Monthly Sales Revenue$40,000
Total Merchandising Revenue$480,000
Total Gross Revenue$104,156,400
Total Costs$52,078,200
Cost per Dollar Grossed$0.50
Net Income Before Taxes $52,078,200
Rate on Net25%
Net Income After Taxes$39,058,650
Charity for Education19,529,325
Share of Profit for Education50%

Narrative Annual Projection Scenario TV Network

Total Gross RevenueAnnual revenue depicted by this scenario
Spot Revenue First of three categories of revenue generated by Bikini TV
30 Seconds per SpotUnit measurement of air-time sold to Bikini TV sponsors
Gross Spots per Hour Total amount of air-time
Reserved Spots per HourAir-time retained by Bikini TV to self-promote/ merchandise
Net Spots per Hour Number of 30 sec. spots per hour available for sale
Net Daily Spots Number of 30 sec. spots per day available for sale
Net Annual Spots Number of 30 sec. spots per year available for sale
Spot PriceFee per 30 sec. spot
Monthly Spot Revenue Amount of monthly revenue from Spot Revenue
Total Spot RevenueAmount of annual revenue from Spot Revenue

Subscription RevenueSecond of three categories of revenue generated by Bikini TV
Monthly Subscription FeeMonthly fee to receive Bikini TV broadcast
Monthly SubscriptionsNumber of households that pay to receive Bikini TV broadcast
Monthly Subscription RevenueAmount of monthly revenue from Subscription Revenue
Total Subscription Revenue Amount of annual revenue from Subscription Revenue

Merchandising RevenueThird of three categories of revenue generated by Bikini TV
Monthly Sales per SubscriptionAverage amount of monthly revenue per Subscription
Monthly Sales RevenueAmount of monthly revenue from Merchandising Revenue
Total Merchandising RevenueAmount of annual revenue from Merchandising Revenue
Total Gross Revenue Annual revenue depicted by this scenario
Total Costs Total Costs incurred while generating Total Gross Revenue depicted by this scenario
Cost per Dollar GrossedCost per dollar of Total Gross Revenue
Net Income Before TaxesTotal Gross Revenue Less Total Costs
Taxes Tax liability on Net Income Before Taxes
Rate on NetPercentage of tax assessed on each dollar of Net Income Before Taxes
Net Income After Taxes Total Gross Revenue less Total Costs and Taxes
Charity for EducationShare of profit dedicated to fund education
Share of Profit for EducationPercentage share on each dollar of Net Income After Taxes
Profit Total Gross Revenue after Total Costs, Taxes and Charity for Education

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