Credit Survival Guide
The goal is to distribute and teach the Credit Survival Guide and Instructors Manual, edited by Dr. Robert W. Johnson, Founder, Purdue University Credit Research Center.

The purpose of the Credit Survival Guide is to help Consumers:

  • Understand fundamental credit information
  • Learn essential life-skills that can help in real life situations
  • Lower costs and reduce time since most issues can be resolved in a few steps

The purpose of the Credit Survival Guide and Instructors Manual is to help Educators:

  • Teach credit and finance information that can help students in real life
  • Bridge education involvement between students and their parents
  • Enhance Community Goodwill

In addition, the Credit Survival Guide is:

  • Credentialized and comprehensive
  • Universal in appeal and application
  • Low cost and user friendly

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Chicago Public Schools Evaluation

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